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Augmented Reality Heading Estimation

Orientation Tracking

Inertial Tracking System that produces stable Augmented Reality (AR) imagery and accurate heading in the presence of difficult magnetic disturbances. 



- Accuracy to within 0.4 degree (standard deviation)

- Standard C based implementation portable to various processors

- Calibration routines and simulator available

- Tunable parameters for adapting to new products and conditions

- Customizable architecture allows additional sensors

Spectrum Sensing

SPT's Spectrum Sensing technology takes a wideband RF collection, produces time/frequency bounding boxes and performs characterization of each detected signal.


- Detection of LPI/LPD Signals

- Detection of low SNR Signals

- Adaptable for different data collectors

- Multiantenna/spatial add-ons available

- Adaptable for different processing architectures

- Low processing resources required (100 MHz continuous monitoring on CPUs)

Spectrum Sensing RF Capture with bounding boxes

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