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Signal Processing Technologies (SPT) was formed in April 2019 by Joe Farkas and Dr. Brandon Hombs with the goal of bringing innovative signal processing R&D to the commercial and defense market.

Prior to starting SPT, the founders had developed the first ad hoc real-time multiuser detection under the DARPA DIMA program and extended that technology to 4G and 5G commercial communication systems at a start-up called Collision Communications, demonstrating real-time multiuser detection for base station equipment.  In addition, they have led teams for several DARPA programs related to communication in extreme environments (CommEx) and machine learning for radio frequency systems, such as DARPA BLADE and ARC programs.  The founders bring experience in electronic warfare system, underwater acoustics modeling and processing on DARPA POSYDON and TEAC, as well as designing the 2nd place software defined radio for the DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge in 2017. 

At SPT, we have been performers on many DARPA, OUSD, Air Force, Navy and NSF programs working from early stage research, through prototyping and productization. We also work with various companies in a subcontracted R&D role.


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