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Solving The Worlds Most Challenging Signal Processing Problems


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Communication System


- Cellular Systems (5G/FutureG)

- LPI/LPD Waveform Design

- Distributed Coherence/D-MIMO

- MIMO/Multiuser Detection

- Maritime Communications

Spectrum Sensing

Spectrum Sensing

- Detection

- Characterization

- LPI/LPD Specialty

Radio Frequency Machine Learning

Radio Frequency Machine Learning

- Classification of Radio Emissions

- Signal Restoration

- ML based Equalization and Decoding 

Augmented Reality

Sensor Fusion

- Orientation Tracking

- Augmented Reality

- 3D System Modeling

- Inertial Simulations

Alternative PNT

Position, Navigation and Timing

- Geolocation Via Multipath Exploitation

- GPS Denied Time Distribution

Software Defined Radio

Software Defined Radios

- SDR Testbeds

- SDR Rapid Prototyping

- Software Defined Channel Emulation

Satelite Dish

About Us

Signal Processing Technologies was founded in 2019 to bring innovative signal processing R&D to the commercial and defense market. We specialize bringing technology from novel innovative concept, through prototyping and productization. 

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